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The divorce is the breakdown of the bond between two people created by legal institution of marriage. It is the stage of struggle in the life of separating couple and cause a lot of financial and emotional consequences on the people. The cost of divorce in California is measured by taking into account all the steps in the process.

The process of dissolution usually starts from the filing of the case in the court. The further steps depend on the type of separation the couple choose to take. But, all types of procedures require the people to fill up initiating forms, submitting documents with the fees and paying processing fees for appeals. California Divorce Cost

The attributes of cost in California

According to the process in the court, one can derive the division of costS required throughout the period of a case.

The main attributes are:

  • Fees for filing the petition: It is an initial expense of the case. To file a dissolution, a person has to fill the forms that is also called as the complaint against your partner. The filing fees are to be submitted with the court clerk and range from $350 to $400.

  • The authorizing expenses: All the forms of dissolution are available on the website of jurisdiction department of California. A person who wants to apply for the separation need to fill the form on-line and take a printout. The court require the copies of these legal forms to be notified by certified notary. The expense for this will be approximately from $10 to $50, depending on the fees of notary.

  • The fees of attorney and lawyer: Most people want the services of attorneys or lawyers for their petition for divorce. The payment of fees for the services of these specialists can be done in two ways; either on per hour basis or flat fee basis. Generally, hiring an attorney will take around $ 10000 to $25000 depending on the grounds of the case. Sometimes, it may increase beyond this limit too. The complexity and time period of the case determines the attorney fees.

  • Processing fees: After the case is filed in the court, the copies of petition have to be sent to the other partner. Also, there are some other legal formalities that need to be completed before the trail of the case. These all require processing fees to be paid. The amount of service fees can be between $30 and $ 100.

Cost of divorce according to the types

The expenses for legal procedures in any state will vary according to the type of the dissolution. It is observed that the uncontested divorce or the no-fault divorce are the types that are poplar for being cheaper solutions. These options hardly need the help of lawyer as they solve the issues with mutual consent and understanding. So, the money of appointing attorney and paying fees for further trails is saved. If the spouse is not ready to make any compromise on issues of children and property, then the only option is litigation or the contestation. Here, expenses can go to any extent depending on the number of trails and appeals.

Legal ways to cut short the cost of divorce in California

The expenses are increasing day by day. It can hamper the financial stability of the person causing great reduction in the savings and investment. If the large portion of income is spent on the fees, the financial problems and debt ratios can rise. Therefore, spouses should think of better way of saving money.

Tips to reduce the cost for divorce are:

  1. Keep check on the time: If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer, remember that you are going to pay for every minute of his service. So, keep check on the time you spend on the case with attorney. If you are not clear about the charge system of the legal services, do not hesitate to consult your lawyer about it.

  2. Prepare for the case in advance: It is important to study the reasons and legal formalities of the case. If you analyze the case and do a little research work, you will be prepared for the case. This will save the time of the lawyer and ultimately reduces the amount of expenditure.

  3. Try to dissolve the issue with your spouse: The best way to save cost is finalize the case with mutual settlement. Arrange for discussions with your partner over the matters of disputes and try to solve them outside the court. It will save a lot of money for both partners. Be ready to compromise to some extent if required.

Apart from this, the emotional costs of divorce in California are quite high. The result can be the depression, mental disturbance and bad effects on the personal life of an individual.