Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Divorce

You’ve made the decision, you’ve spoken the words, and now there’s no turning back.  Once the word “divorce” is uttered within the confines of marriage, the word cannot easily be retracted.  Once you’ve realized that the difference are truly irreconcilable, then it’s time to start thinking about finding a lawyer that can help you throughout the process of actually filing for the divorce.

As you begin your search for a credible attorney, know first and foremost that not all lawyers are created equal.  As with all professionals, some will be out there only for the money.  We identify these types of professionals as a “hack,” or someone who doesn’t respect that craft and only cares about the paycheck.

On the other side of the spectrum, like with most professions, there are also lawyers that genuinely care about their work and are legitimately practicing law  because they feel called to the field.  These people are generally driven by a sense of justice within the world–seeing that injustices happen, and cultivating a desire to do anything possible to right the wrongs of the earth.

When it comes to your professional council, what matters most to you?  Obviously you want to win your case, all clients do; however, at what cost are you willing to win?

It’s a shame that this topic even needs to be discussed.  Since that fateful day that some older woman got to file a lawsuit against McDonald’s for spilling scolding hot coffee on herself, it seems like lawyers have been typecast in a certain light.  Movies like The Devil’s Advocate literally equate being a lawyer to having close ties with satan himself.

It is no wonder that the connotations associated with the attorneys of today are negative–we’re being fed these images through multiple mediums on an almost daily basis.

Whether you’re filing for a divorce, or entering the court room under some other premise, know that your choice in legal council is going to make all the difference in the world.  Not just in the outcome of the case, but also in how congruent a message you put forth before the judge.

Winning your case means a lot, and it can be done.  The large recommendation is that you don’t compromise who you are for the simple fact of gaming the system.

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