3 Signs Your Marriage Is Heading for Divorce and How to Save It

If you fear that your marriage may be heading in the wrong direction, it’s not too late to identify problem areas in your relationship and address them before you are on the road to divorce. You can address these common issues now rather than dealing with the headache of divorce attorneys, custody battles, and divorce agreements later. Below are 3 signs that your marriage may need some TLC as well as some suggestions for improving your relationship.

  1. Lack of Communication

Communication is essential to any healthy relationship. It can be the most difficult aspect of marriage, but good communication lays the groundwork for a strong marriage. Poor communication often leads to unmet expectations and is a leading cause for divorce.

Communication Tip: Regularly set aside time with your spouse to discuss your short-term and long-term goals both as a couple and individually.

  1. Lack of Trust

Establishing a foundation of trust with your spouse is essential. Trust builds on the communication factor of a relationship. It is difficult to trust if the lines of communication are not completely open with your spouse. Thus, improving your communication can help build trust between you and your spouse. Commit to always being honest with your spouse, regardless of how much the truth might hurt. This honesty with one another will help guard against more major marital issues that often spiral into divorce.

Trust Tip: Pinpoint the areas where you and/or your spouse struggle to trust one another, and commit to keeping open communication and accountability in these areas.

  1. Varying financial priorities

Finances can be a point of contention for many couples. However, disagreements over finances could be as simple as poor communication with your spouse regarding your financial priorities. Since financial issues are another leading cause for divorce, it is essential to resolve financial differences to be on the same page with your spouse financially.

Finance Tip: If discussing finances is stressful for you and your spouse, consider meeting with a financial expert who is a neutral third party and can help you establish a budget and long-term financial plan.

Marriage doesn’t have to be a victim of poor communication, mistrust, and money fights.

If neglected, these seemingly minor issues will often result in divorce, but with a little bit of effort, you can avoid the divorce lawyer and have a successful marriage.

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